Cyber Security

Cyber Security

25 04, 2017

Hacking and cyber crime on the rise in Africa

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14 04, 2017

Kenya worst hit in East Africa by cyber crime

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NAIROBI, KENYA: Banks have become the leading target of cybercrime as people increasingly adopt the use of financial technology. According to Serianu’s Cybersecurity Report 2016, African countries lost at least $2 billion in cyberattacks in 2016. Speaking during the Connected Summit 2017, Cisco Regional General Manager, David Bunei said the increasing use of cyberspace and [...]

22 02, 2017

2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report by CISCO

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As the attack surface increases, defenders must focus on their most important goal: reducing their adversaries’ operational space.

17 02, 2017

Russian hacker Rasputin breaches over 60 Universities and Government Agencies

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The Russian-speaking black hat hacker Rasputin, hacked systems of more than 60 universities and U.S. government agencies. According to the threat intelligence firm Recorded Future, a Russian-speaking black hat hacker, known as ‘Rasputin‘, hacked systems of more than 60 universities and U.S. Government agencies. We met Rasputin in December 2016, when he was offering for [...]

7 08, 2016

“Quadrooter” security flaws said to affect over 900 million Android devices

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All versions of Android are vulnerable to these flaws, which won't be fully patched until the September security release next month. Four previously undisclosed security vulnerabilities found in Android phones and tablets that ship with Qualcomm chips could let a hacker take full control of an affected device. Almost a billion Android devices are affected [...]