Over the years, cybersecurity has changed, offering new opportunities and opportunities for organizations. However, they need to reorganize to cope with more and more sophisticated threats. Discover the four cyber trends that will mark the year 2019.

Cloud, between threat and opportunity
40% of companies have implemented a cybersecurity program to deal with cloud risks

There is a change of opinion regarding the cloud. Long feared by the loss of control over the data, today, despite introducing a notion of dependence, the Cloud allows better control capacity because it allows better management and exploitation of data.

Cyber ​​Trends 2019
Innovation for cyberattacks
32% of companies consider that the security measures put in place within their organization are not adapted to their strategy of developing and marketing connected products

Although they are a vector of risks, technologies are also a way to fight against attacks. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing or AI can design new approaches or create value that is still unsuspected.

Cyber ​​Trends 2019
Cyber-resilience: from defensive to offensive!
76% of companies think they are sufficiently prepared for security breaches

Organizations tend to adopt an offensive stance. But while the majority of them feel they are ready to respond effectively in the event of an attack, few have put in place crisis drills. Thus, to counter the improvement of attack techniques, companies rely on technologies.

Cyber ​​Trends 2019
Cybersecurity, a new priority for comex?
25% of companies have their security organization attached to the executive committee

Now, cybersecurity is more important in the overall strategy of the company. Indeed, boards of directors require more understanding of the issues. This is defined by the definition of a strategic vision that takes shape operationally with the implementation of programs.

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